about us


Rigvi.com is a social initiative for the people of India for connecting them with the ongoing digital revolution in India.

It is a breakthrough idea for the people who cannot use internet because of lack of English knowledge .

It is first step towards development on India’s own internet search engine which would be developed in India ,

Now No need to remember the name of the website anymore . Now every Indian will have no trouble in using the internet , even for those people who do not know English but they know only there regional language. Now they will be able to use the internet in their own language.

Language is the most important medium of communication and education, and there is a need to give a big boost to Indian languages ​​so that we can give a boost to Digital Revolution in India.

Before the arrival of rigvi.com, People who have knowledge of Regional languages, such as Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil etc were scared of using the internet. Because the computer keyboard, the name of the website and the content of the website is all in english

The team of Rigvi has discovered this easy but very effective solution. After this search the internet has become easier to use in there regional language.

What is special about this search tool ?

Now you no longer need to remember the name of the website. Select any 3 consecutive buttons right to left or left to right In your keyboard . press 1st button one time, 2nd button two times and 3rd button three times Then press cntrl+enter or put .com at the end. for example assddd.com , qwweee.com, jkklll.com. etc.

From this you will reach on this web page (www.rigvi.com).

Now you can use the internet in your own language by selecting your language. Now, none of us will be afraid of English anymore.

What can you do with this search ?

  • You can type in your language, translate words and search the internet in your language
  • You can see all the websites of Indian government and state government
  • Children of 5th to 12th class can study online
  • Find government and private jobs for yourself
  • Read the latest news in your language
  • You can book railway and bus tickets for yourself
  • Buy anything you want for yourself
  • You can also book hotels and holidays for yourself

In addition to this, you will find important websites, such as newspapers and magazines website, religious website, shopping website, music and video website etc. in your regional languages, all in one place.